Keys to a Successful Software Change

How to Motivate Your Team and Get the Most Out of New Technology   CHANGE. Ready or not, here it comes. Though typically easier said than done, change is essential in any business that intends to remain in business. Companies aren’t recognized for staying ahead of the curve or trusted for their innovation by keeping to the status quo. However, nobody likes to talk about the hard parts of change and what it takes to implement it successfully. Now, change itself isn’t so scary. What’s scary is the adaptation process, the frustration......

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The Woman in the Hot Tub: Five Things a Technician Should Do on Every Service Call

What a great topic, right?  But I bet you don’t need me to tell you what a technician should do on a service call, much less every service call.  How about we give the “water cooler” version of five things a tech should do on every service call. Imagine a group of high-dollar smart-aleck arrogant executives standing around the water cooler, expounding their infinite wisdom about everything in life. They get on the subject of technicians and, of course, start with the, “Let me tell you what happened when my......

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Convenience is Key - How Contractors Can Convert More Leads Into Real Customers

Home service contractors have come a long way with increasing their digital marketing presence to promote their brand and services. Whether it be through enhanced website designs, advertising space, SEO, or social media, the common challenge is no longer in creating an online marketing strategy but rather in generating sales from leads gathered through the various marketing platforms used. In a crowded market, convenient appointment booking can make or break a contractor’s ability to convert a potential lead to a real customer.

Provide a convenient booking experience
The new way of converting leads......

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The Professional Salesperson is a Time Traveler

It’s amazing, really, how quickly people can forget. It’s 71° right now. The sun is shining brightly through the large windows in my office. It’s an absolutely beautiful day! Two weeks ago, it was 3° outside. There was no power in my house and no running water. My neighbors were worried about keeping their children warm. Others were just trying to figure out how to get the water out of their house. A few days from now, people will be shocked to find that their electricity bill has soared to thousands of dollars. But right now,......

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Trust Equity

  During a recent business trip with Carlos, one of my IAQ Training Reps, we talked about a subject that he is very interested and involved in, that being the board gaming industry. I know next to nothing about it, yet I was intrigued by its complexity and the number of games and gamers that are involved in this industry. I realized through our conversation that to develop a new game that will be popular with the gamers, that A LOT of time, money, and computer know-how is involved in creating and developing......

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Indoor Air Quality – How-To and How Do You Do!

“Is Your House Making You Sick?” the billboard asked, as it perched high in the sky, up above Cleveland Highway. The logo was unmistakable. My dad had another sign up in town for his HVAC business. I was a junior in high school and worked in my dad’s business in what I considered to be the Office Manager position. Typical boss’s kid, right? We always think we’re worthy of the more important roles when in reality, I wasn’t the Office Manager; I simply answered the phones and ran parts to job sites. A......

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Home Services Contractors Are Redefining Exceptional Customer Experience Amid the Pandemic

Home services contractors have proven they can adapt to the new normal. But how can they retain and grow their customer base in the next normal? The very best home services contractors work hard to influence customer retention with membership agreements that provide security, peace of mind, and offer some influence over a homeowner’s attention span; however, even these contractors are still swimming against the current. In today’s market, customer churn is guaranteed. When dealing with change, it’s always best to focus on what you can control. So, while a contractor......

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Clean the Clutter from Your Company

With the New Year comes new motivations. Be healthier, save more money, be more organized. But many times, organizing your business is often overlooked. Disorganization may be preventing your business from growing and being successful. Being unorganized results in measurable losses, like lost time and money, negatively affects your business reputation, adds stress to your life, and makes it difficult for you to work efficiently. It’s time to organize your company. This task seems daunting, I know, but I find it easiest to break it down into three categories.  What to keep, what......

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Is it Time to Rebrand Your Company?

Rebranding a business can be a very difficult thing for business owners. The name, image, and message you’ve used to build your business become personal. You have a sense of fondness for your brand. Getting rid of it would be like renaming one of your children. Not only that, but the money it is going to take to rewrap your trucks is going to be huge! And, it’s going to take months of intense focus to update all your internal forms and process with the new look! It’s a lot of work to......

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Team Effort

We have all heard the saying that “There is no ‘I’ in Team,” and there is literal and figurative truth to that statement. Your company is made of many departments that need to cooperate and work together for a common goal. If those departments are or become a workplace silo, then the saying “There is no “I” in team” may have a reply of, “Yes, but there is a ‘me.’” Workplace silos occur when your departments fail to share important information between themselves, causing their priorities to become misaligned. So it’s no......

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