29 Reasons to Join the Service Roundtable on February 29.

29 Reasons to Join the Service Roundtable on February 29.
  1. Consumer Newsletters – Some contractors pay thousands to get consumer newsletters created. Service Roundtable members get consumer newsletters included in their membership each quarter, in multiple formats.
  1. Recruiting Content – Do you have trouble putting butts in trucks? Service Roundtable members take advantage of a variety of recruiting brochures, job applications, job descriptions, and more. It’s all included in their membership.
  1. Direct Marketing Material – Service Roundtable members have access to every kind of direct marketing material imaginable, including letters, postcards, door hangers, and more. It’s all included in their membership.
  1. Pricing Calculators – Do you know what to charge to hit your target net profit based on your overhead and your pay rates? Service Roundtable members have calculators to set the optimal service rate, material mark up, service agreement pricing, and more. It’s all included.
  1. Truck Wrap Tips – Your trucks are your greatest advertising vehicle (pun intended). Are yours white, like every other contractor? Get tips for creating truck wraps that jump as part of your membership.
  2. .Social Media Content – Do you have trouble with social media?  Service Roundtable members access content ready for posting, guides on how to get better results with social media, and much more.  It’s all included with their membership.
  1. Motivational Posters – You can buy motivational posters or print them yourself. Service Roundtable members print their own as part of their membership.
  1. Industry Clip Art – It’s always a chore to find industry clip art you can use without violating copyrights. Service Roundtable members get custom-designed industry clip art as part of their membership.
  1. Marketing Wizard – Do you have a marketing calendar? Do you know how to put one together? Service Roundtable members use the Marketing Wizard to create and populate their marketing calendars.  Of course, it’s part of the membership.
  1. Service Agreements – Does your service agreement look like every other contractor’s? Is it based on an old design from the 1980s? Service Roundtable members get new agreement templates as part of their membership.
  1. Affinity Marketing – Affinity marketing is a way to get others to market for you, like homeowners associations, parent-teacher associations, and other groups. Service Roundtable members get a guide and supporting collateral to approach these organizations and to create an affinity marketing program.
  1. Comanche Marketing – One of the oldest and best ezines is Comanche Marketing. Service Roundtable members receive it free.
  1. Service Roundtable Profit Report – Members also receive the Service Roundtable Profit Report, a quarterly magazine filled with business tips and inside information you cannot get anywhere else.
  1. GroupBuys – Do you like the special deals you can get from email group buying offers? Service Roundtable members take advantage of GroupBuys specifically for the service trades.
  1. Money Mail – While it cost an extra $50 a month, Service Roundtable members can utilize Money Mail, an exclusive monthly turnkey email marketing service.
  1. Training Classes – Service Roundtable members can also access and receive discounts on a variety of training programs at the company’s state-of-the-art training center near DFW Airport.
  1. Where New Trends Originate – The Service Roundtable is the place where contractors learn about the newest trends in marketing, products, and services. Members get a jumpstart on their competition.
  1. Service World Expo – Members receive the lowest pricing on the Service World Expo, the largest conference and seminar dedicated to residential service contracting. The next Service World Expo is in Tampa in September.
  1. Spring International Roundtable – Members can attend the exclusive Spring International Roundtable, coming up in two weeks in San Diego.
  1. Roundtable Idea Exchanges – The Roundtable Idea Exchange forums are where members can ask a question and get answers from contractors across North America. Learn from leading contractors and industry consultants. It’s included in the membership.
  1. Hundreds of Thousands of Searchable Posts – The online, fully searchable archives contain hundreds of thousands of posts about contracting dating back to 2003. It is the industry’s largest knowledge base archive.
  1. Cash Rebates – Service Roundtable members get cashback on equipment, parts, material, and more from over 120 different strategic partners in the Roundtable Rewards buying group. It’s contracting’s largest buying group and included with membership. Most members get more money back from Roundtable Rewards than they pay to be Service Roundtable members, making the Service Roundtable a profit center.  If you are not using Roundtable Rewards, you are paying too much.
  1. Associate With Great Contractors – If you truly want to improve as a contractor, associate with the best contractors in the business. They are found in the Service Roundtable.
  1. Be Part of the Largest Contracting Group – With more than 4,500 member companies, the Service Roundtable is larger than any other contractor group or association. It’s the largest because it offers the best value and greatest support for contractors.
  1. Nearly 50 State & Local Affiliates – More state and local contractor associations have affiliated with the Service Roundtable than any other group because the Service Roundtable supports best practices in association management and contracting.


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