Are You Serving Customers and Coworkers?

Are You Serving Customers and Coworkers?

By Dave Rothacker

You are the number 48 NASCAR stock car. You are a Chevrolet owned by Hendrick Motorsports, one of today’s most successful racing organizations, and driven by Jimmie Johnson, one of the most successful NASCAR drivers of all time.

The cost to put you on the track for a 38-week season is over $15 million, according to a Florida Times Union article in 2012, and that was seven years ago! An impact wrench used to take your tires off costs upwards of $4,500 and the sockets run up to $1,500 apiece. The engineering, technology, human effort, and logistics it takes to design, build, maintain, repair, and haul you around is unfathomable. (The hauler which has to be replaced every four to five years costs $500,000).

As the #48, you are pampered and served.

Of course, we can’t all be the #48.


The Family Chevrolet

You are the 4,881 Chevrolet Traverse manufactured in 2016. You are owned by the Jones family in Austin, Texas. Bob Jones is an HVAC technician and his wife, Suzy, teaches at a local middle school. Bob and Suzy have two kids under five-years-old.

The cost to keep you on the road each year is about $2,000. That includes fuel and oil changes. Coming out of warranty this year, your tires need replaced. So, the Jones will have to pay more than two grand for you this year.

Bob gets around to washing you about once every three weeks. He wishes he could do a better job of cleaning you inside, but he doesn’t have the time.

As the #4,881 vehicle manufactured in 2016, you aren’t pampered and you’re certainly not served.


Customers and Coworkers

You are not a car. But if you were, would you rather be a NASCAR stock car or a family SUV? Would you rather be pampered or would you rather have to pick animal cracker crumbs out of your seats each week?

You’re the owner of an HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical company. Pretend for a moment that your customers and coworkers are cars. Where on the spectrum between NASCAR and family SUV would they fall?



  • Do you truly understand your customer’s needs?
  • Are you catering to these needs?
  • Do you have customer service and sales systems, processes and procedures that are in place and followed by all?
  • If an uninterested third party viewed your marketing, would they say you’re shouting at your market or would they say you’re attempting to serve it?
  • Would that third party say your marketing is targeted and focused or would they describe it as a shotgun approach?
  • Is your culture customer-friendly or customer antagonistic?
  • If queried, would your customers say your coworkers care?



  • Do your coworkers understand your purpose or WHY you are in business?
  • Do they share your purpose?
  • Are they given crystal clear expectations?
  • Do they receive prompt feedback, be it positive or critical?
  • Are they recognized for their work and progress made?
  • Do they have an educational and growth plan in place?
  • Do they have available career paths?
  • How would a disinterested third party describe your educational programs?
  • How would they describe your ability to engage outside educational resources?
  • Do you offer or make available life skills training?
  • Are they paid above the going wage in your area?
  • Is there a profit sharing and retirement plan in place?
  • Is there a positive culture at work? Is it family friendly?
  • If queried, would your coworkers say you care?


We Serve

If you are a customer, coworker, or car, wouldn’t you want to be served NASCAR style? Of course you would! While not all owners are cash-rich operators like Hendrick Motorsports, all have the ability to begin with a foundation of “We Serve.”

A reputable and honest HVAC, Plumbing, or Electrical business approaches its market to help customers solve comfort issues, save money on utilities, and help to keep their environment safe. They want to develop long term, trusting relationships. They’re not out to fleece customers and disappear.

A reputable and honest HVAC, Plumbing, or Electrical business understands that well cared for and valued coworkers are the key to growth and success.

Customers and coworkers who value and appreciate your service, who feel as if they are being served, are the fuel necessary to travel the road and bridge the canyon between family SUV’s and NASCAR stock cars.


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