Focus on Your Future Success

Focus on Your Future Success

Sometimes when things aren’t going according to plan or the way that you would like them to be, it’s often because you have lost focus on what matters.

Our busy, hectic lives combined with what is going on in the world around us, sometimes get in the way of what is truly important, and it may be difficult to stay focused. Daily routines, business, and family schedules tend to put us on cruise control while losing focus on what we should or shouldn’t be doing to keep us heading in the right direction. Sometimes we use these routines and busyness to justify our reasons for not getting things done. Especially when those things remind us of the basic decisions and tasks that need to be accomplished daily to keep us headed towards our goals. “Dang, I should be doing this, but…”

Here are a few things to stay focused on daily to make sure you are always headed in the right direction and making corrections along the way.


Focus on Being Productive, Not on Being Busy.

It’s easier nowadays than ever before to look busy. Answering the endless stream of emails, texts, and running to meetings are all part of our daily lives, yet how much of this is productive and leads us to succeed at the highest level? Like in the hilarious sitcom, The Office, the Dunder Mifflin crew all look busy, yet are they being productive?

There are only so many hours in a day for work, play, and sleep, use them all wisely. Ask yourself, “Am I doing the most productive thing at this moment to help me reach my goals?” By the way, depending on how your day is going, the most productive thing to do may be to take a break, go golfing, or get some rest. Then recharge and get back at it. 

Success doesn’t come from activity alone. It comes from productive activity. Make sure that your activity is dedicated to results orientated tasks. These tasks should not be considered “the daily grind”. Success derives from that which you have a passion for and have fun doing.

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.”  Dale Carnegie


What You Create Today is What You Will Live Tomorrow.

You can’t predict the future, yet the actions you take and the decisions you make today will create your future tomorrow. You are not a victim of circumstance, and you can’t be forced to act against your principles and values that are contrary to what you hope for.

So, because of free will, the future you create is entirely up to you. If you feel that you have reached a plateau, it could be because you’re not taking the action to achieve your goals. 

This includes taking calculated risks that are necessary to step out of your box to realize your dreams.


Faith Over Fear

Have faith in your ability to take a risk, and that good things will come of them. If the risk proves negative results, you will learn from the mistake which develops wisdom for future risk-taking. If the results prove positive, you are another step closer to realizing your goals and dreams. 

Fear to take risks will stunt your aspirations and hope for the future. Better to have tried and failed, than to have never tried at all. Learn from it, move on, and try again. 


Your Success is Often Preceded by Failure

As eluded to above, risk-taking may result in success or failure. You must celebrate your successes and embrace failure as a lesson learned. Learning from your mistakes will reveal the wrong paths and will lead to corrections and future breakthroughs of success.

Maintaining a good attitude during these frustrating failures will give you the patience required to succeed and will force you to think differently in the process.  


Forgive and Forget

This can be difficult for many of us. When you feel mistreated or are the victim of some negative event perpetrated by others, life is a lot better if you forgive those involved, even if they have never apologized for their misdeeds. Holding grudges and lacking forgiveness causes stress, hate, and anger. This can affect both your mental and physical health.  

Medical experts all agree that stress may cause high blood pressure, heart disease, and other ailments. So, don’t dwell on these grudges and let go by forgiving others.

When you forgive someone, you are not condoning their actions, but freeing yourself from the stress of constantly thinking that you are a victim. 

Let it go!   


Feel Good About Your Self-Worth

Everyone has a successful place in life, and success to you may be very different than what success means to someone else. Trying to keep up with others based on their terms and not yours, or continually comparing yourself to others, will cause you to lose control of your destiny. Feel good about your accomplishments, and don’t allow other’s opinions to take that away from you.

It is difficult to just ignore what people say or think about you. 

Accept compliments graciously from others and take their negative opinions with a grain of salt. 

Otherwise, you will have another way to build up stress and possible depression. 


The Only Constant Thing is Change

You should look at change with an open mind so that you can discover the opportunities that lie within. Embracing change as a good thing rather than a threat to your being will allow you to capitalize on it. 

Your success relies on your ability to accept change and adapt to it. If you keep doing the same thing over again, thinking things will always come back to the way they were, it will set you up for failure.

When things are going great, enjoy them, and appreciate the opportunities that they create. 

When things change and are not going your way, be sure to adapt and take charge of what you can control and recognize the opportunities that change creates.

Life is full of change, challenge, risk, success, and failure. 

It’s unavoidable. How you deal with it all in the present will create your future. Dwelling on the mistakes of the past can lead to depression, and worrying about the future creates anxiety. On the contrary, learning from past mistakes develops wisdom, and taking positive productive action in the present creates hope for the future.

“Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality.” – Jonas Salk

Depression, anxiety, and hope can all be choices. Choose wisely!


Steve Mores is the Vice President of Training and Sales at Dynamic Air Quality Solutions

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