Is it Time to Rebrand Your Company?

Is it Time to Rebrand Your Company?

Rebranding a business can be a very difficult thing for business owners. The name, image, and message you’ve used to build your business become personal. You have a sense of fondness for your brand. Getting rid of it would be like renaming one of your children. Not only that, but the money it is going to take to rewrap your trucks is going to be huge! And, it’s going to take months of intense focus to update all your internal forms and process with the new look!

It’s a lot of work to rebrand!

So, should you rebrand despite the work, time, money, and history?


I did, and I had some very good reasons why. Perhaps my story will help you if you have been considering rebranding.


We’ve rebranded! Service Excellence Training is officially rebranding to Service Excellence. We are updating our logos, tagline, and website, as you can see on this webpage. In this blog, I’ll explain why we’ve decided to make this change and why change can be a great thing.

What Was the Problem with the Old Brand?

I designed the old brand with a little help from a graphic designer. The elements were elements that represented my place in life. The lion represented strength, the scroll represented knowledge, and the laurels represented success. The colors of green and black were money and profit.


The problem with the old brand was that I had to tell people the meaning. The brand was striking, but it didn’t communicate the real “what” and “who” of our business.

In public surveys, the most common response I got about our brand was

“It looks cool. Do you train lions or animals?”

That response is problematic. It didn’t communicate to our potential clients who we are or what we can do for them.

Moreover, it wasn’t what I wanted our Loyalists Clients to think when they saw our logo.

So, it became clear that we needed an upgrade in our tagline and visuals.


Who Did We Hire to do the Rebrand?

We actually hired three different consultants to do the work.

In the end, we choose the design work of Dan Antonelli and his team at KickCharge.

KickCharge has a great reputation in our industry, and that’s only part of the reason we choose him. The major reason we picked Dan’s design was that it passed the test!


Why did I pick the Wrench Torch and Flame design?

Before I selected the Torch and Flame design, I worked with three different consultants and looked at over 100 designs. I then ran the designs through a private online survey.

The survey presents the most favorable results for the Wrench Torch and Flame design.

+90% of the surveyed described our target audience as “People that work with tools.” “Tradespeople.” “Plumbers or Electricians.” “Home services.”

+90% said that the adjectives that would describe the mark would be “Motivational.” “Olympic winner.” “Training for success.”

I also did a public survey.

I took the mark into parks and other public places, and I asked this one question:

“What does this make you think of?”

The park participants responded with the same answers as those surveyed online. “Training for the trades.” “Motivation and Success Coaching.”

That wasn’t a surprise. What surprised me was the speed of the answer. Most people were able to immediately give a response in a fraction of a second.

EUREKA!! It was clear to me that we had a winner with the Wrench Torch and Flame logo.


The Tagline is New

We also updated our tagline. Our mission has always been to bring “Hope and Power” to the trades for a “Transformational Life.”

Our old tagline just didn’t communicate this purpose. Our new tagline does.



What are Your Thoughts and Feelings about your Brand?

Change is a strange thing. We don’t like it in the middle of the change, but we can usually reflect on the benefits when it is done.

Rebranding for us was a change meant to help us all grow and succeed.

This change is meant to “IGNITE THE POWER WITHIN!”

I want you to reflect on your thoughts and feelings about your current brand. Ask yourself, “Is my current brand helping our company grow?” If it isn’t, then perhaps a change is in order.


Todd Liles is the Founder of Service Excellence Training and creator of the PRESS PLAY Training System.

Service Roundtable is dedicated to growing your bottom line and helping your business maximize its full potential. These groups of contractors work together to assist you with marketing, sales, business, and so much more. Twice a month, seminars around the United States and Canada are held to network and further assist your business. Visit Service Roundtable.com to see if there are Success Days in your area!


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