Your Comfort Zone is a Liar...Does it Cause Your Marketing to Miss the Mark?

Written by Danielle Putnam I recently polled 100 contractors about marketing. Out of all who answered the survey, would you believe that 15% responded that they don’t have a clue how to market their companies? Another 15% said they felt stressed about marketing and 31% felt that their marketing was inconsistent. There was only one person that answered the survey that said they felt comfortable with marketing, and even they have room to grow. Let’s face it: marketing freaks a lot of us out. We aren’t comfortable with it, it seems to come with......

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The Cash Calculator - A Financial Model for Your Business

Written by Marc Tannenbaum Many of the contractors we work with are very good technicians. They’re extremely talented at doing the work of the business. Their businesses have grown well, but further growth is now limited by the very thing that has led to their success to date. The owner is typically the best in the business at marketing, selling, and/or installing the services of the business, but is unable to show or teach others how to get the same quality of result that he or she gets when doing this work. “Nobody can......

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Does Your Chatbot Pass the Turing Test?

Written by Lynn Wise The Turing Test was developed by Alan Turing, an English scientist in 1950. It was designed to test the ability of a machine to exhibit intelligent, human-like behavior. To pass the test, a computer would need to be mistaken for a human more than 30% of the time during a series of five-minute keyboard conversations. An aspirational benchmark to be sure, but does this even matter? Don’t most consumers know that they communicate with a machine when they utilize chat, at least at first? If the customer is happy with......

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The Formula for World-Class Results

Written by John LaPlant Owners of businesses are in the people development business. If people cannot grow, there is no scenario where the business can grow. Reliable products and quality repairs are the price of admission to the customer. No consumer in her right mind is going to spend hard-earned dollars on products or repairs that do not work, that fail to get the job done. Successful co-workers do more than get the job done in the technically correct manner.  Growing people requires more than making sure their technical skills are superb.  Growing......

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The Frozen Sea within Us

Written by Dave Rothacker “A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us.” - Franz Kafka From the website Faena: “...if reading is in fact a way for us to experience all the things that we cannot experience in real life, then both in our senses and our emotions, we must be brave enough to receive that “blow to the head”, which will awaken us from our frozen lethargy, and could one day save us from something we do not even know is oppressive. Reading, hence, would be freedom.” Although Faena and......

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Keep Your Employees in the Productive Happy Zone!

Written by Steve Mores I’d like to start out with a disclaimer here that I am not a licensed psychiatrist or therapist. So, when it comes to clinical or medical challenges regarding mental health, please seek professional help. What I would like to discuss are some of my thoughts based on observations from the field, as well as books and articles related to positive thinking and happiness. I believe we can all agree for the most part, happy people are more productive and do things for a belief or cause rather than for......

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Seeing is Believing...Do You Believe?

Written by John LaPlant Most progressive contractors consistently try to increase average tickets. And they should. Why is this critical? The cost for a typical company to get a professionally trained technician, in a fully stocked company service vehicle, from point A to point B, is a crisp $100 bill. With an emphasis on logic, reason, and value to engage the customer, we always try to communicate options to improve comfort, health, safety, and security for the best possible in-home lifestyle. Word pictures do not always convey the message. One company started using the “real-time......

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Is Your Marketing Ruling the Roost?

Written by Danielle Putnam Let’s be honest, have you done your September marketing? Are you a few months ahead? We all know that we need to have our marketing efforts organized and ready to go before the phones stop ringing, but the “busyness of the business” has us putting it on the backburner. I think of my planning whiteboard like a big coop of chickens. Right now, every task, every chicken, has its own color-coded nest, but all the chickens are running around pecking at one another and pecking at me, demanding my attention.......

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Attitude isn't Everything, but it's Way Up There!

Written by Brandon Cockrell I once worked for a “boss” in the restaurant business that was the worst! His attitude brought down the entire team. He was rude, obnoxious, and judgmental. He believed that everyone underneath him was “less than qualified, and we were lucky to have him as our leader.” Frankly, we would have been better motivated by an angry bear than by this guy. He was no “leader.” He was only a “boss” giving unclear and harsh commands. And here is the worst part: this man actually had the skills and knowledge......

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