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I Don't Agree, but I'm Listening!

With our world growing more polarized day by day, it is more important than ever to have healthy conversations with those we agree with and not avoid those that we disagree with. We need to polish our skills of having productive and meaningful conversations with other human beings, even if we don’t agree with them. This applies to conversations with friends, acquaintances, relatives, as well as coworkers and clients. Avoiding someone because you know that the conversation of politics, religion, or some other touchy subject may come up is stressful and......

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Changing the Playing Field: Why We Need to Hire More Women, and How to Get Them

Payroll is a nasty mistress, and the dues are owed every Friday. An entrepreneur knows this all too well. And boy, don’t we need good help to run the service calls on our board, so we can earn revenue, so we can help those people like we wanted to do in the beginning? It may be time to change the playing field… Early one evening, my husband and I loaded the wagon with some drinks, snacks, and our beautiful daughters and began the short walk around the block to the park. Our neighborhood......

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Your Body of Work

“You’re not just getting a couple hours of my time, you’re getting what it took me my entire life to cultivate into these hands and this heart.”  If you’re in the skilled trades, you’ve no doubt heard a version of this statement. You might even have used it yourself to support your pricing. It might surprise you then to learn, Phil X, a studio musician, made this comment. Sooner or later, we are all called on to validate the value we deliver. While many address this situation from selling your value,......

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Mental Ownership

Research shows that mental imagery influences consumer experiences while creating the want to buy. Most of this research conducted by psychiatrists and marketing firms are focused on “imagery vividness”. They use powerful and clear images in marketing campaigns so customers envision themselves owning the advertised product. This is known as mental ownership. Although the consumer may not physically own the product yet, mental ownership strongly predicts attachment, which significantly increases intentions towards getting the mere-mentally owned product or service to an actual purchase.  For example, phrases such as “Yes, I can......

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Why Money Won't Solve All Your Problems

“Money, money, money, money, money. Some people got to have it, yeah, some people really need it.” – The O’Jays Money is so very powerful. As a poor child growing up in Mississippi, I fantasized about money. I looked at my friends that had it and imagined that their life must be perfect. Like many without money, I believed that it would solve all of my problems. I had thoughts like, “If I were rich, then I could buy my mom a home, and she would be happy.” “My dad and......

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2020 Trends - We Need to Be Aware!

Written by Lynn Wise As 2019 comes to a close and every email, radio station, and podcast reviews the top lists of 2019, it's easy to get overwhelmed. There is even a list of the best lists for 2019.  But when we look forward to 2020, when we read the business predictions and trends, it can be just as nerve-wracking. It doesn’t take many articles to see that they contradict each other. However, there are some consistencies to notice that I feel are relevant for 2020. An important note: the trends below......

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Are You Great Yet?

Written by Rodney Koop How many of you have seen “man on the street” type interviews where someone like Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, or Conan O’Bryan would go out on the street with a microphone and ask what should have been simple questions? Typically, they take them out of a fifth or sixth grade civics, history, or maybe math book. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Who runs the executive branch of government?
  2. What is the name of the Vice President?
  3. How many members are there on the Supreme Court?
I’m sure they don’t show......

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