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Attitude isn't Everything, but it's Way Up There!

Written by Brandon Cockrell I once worked for a “boss” in the restaurant business that was the worst! His attitude brought down the entire team. He was rude, obnoxious, and judgmental. He believed that everyone underneath him was “less than qualified, and we were lucky to have him as our leader.” Frankly, we would have been better motivated by an angry bear than by this guy. He was no “leader.” He was only a “boss” giving unclear and harsh commands. And here is the worst part: this man actually had the skills and knowledge......

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Artificial Intelligence - Is it Only a Buzzword or is it Changing the Way We Do Business?

Written by Lynn Wise Artificial Intelligence has become the buzzword to end all buzzwords. The difficulty is knowing what is attainable and usable in our lives and what is science fiction. How you use technology influences people’s perceptions of you and your company. Customers want a superior experience and they are willing to pay a premium for it. 67% of customers think how a company uses technology indicates how a company operates in general. AI can be extremely helpful in creating, unique, personal experiences for your customers. AI can also be used to better......

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Leading with Noble Purpose

Written by Dave Rothacker ”How was your day, honey?” “Oh babe, our department killed it! I did $4,200, Bobby did $3,800, Ken did $4,500, and I know Ralph was over $3,000! We drove wheel barrels of money into Frank’s pocket and when it comes time for our 1% raise, we can fight for 1.25% because we know we’ve been bringing home the bacon!” said no HVAC service technician ever in the history of the universe. “How was your day, honey?” “Oh babe, you’re not gonna believe this! Frank brought Christy Jones in to talk with our......

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How to Recruit and Retain World-Class Talent

Written by Todd Liles   Every professional sports team knows that it takes world-class talent to produce consistent results. That’s why Number One Draft Picks are so prized. A world-class talent could potentially take a team to titleship status. In your organization, one world-class talent can change your entire business game. The right hire could set a “new” standard for success, and guide the path to amazing growth and profitability for the rest of the team. I’ve seen this happen to dozens of companies in our consulting business that we have the privilege to coach. At......

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The Trifecta of HVAC Maintenance and Prevention

Written by Steve Mores   Contractors know that in the summer and winter we can make really good money by fixing and replacing heating and air conditioning systems. You also know that if you aren’t really careful, you can give back all of your profits in the spring and fall when the phones aren’t ringing. That is why maintenance agreements are just as important as “the air we breathe”. It’s the lifeblood of your company, which also gives you more opportunities to promote IAQ products and other accessories on every call! Though, some contractors......

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In Search of the "Magic Pill"

Written by John and Vicki LaPlant   This topic makes me think of Indiana Jones played by the great Harrison Ford…you know, Han Solo of Star Wars. Indiana Jones is a professor always looking for the challenge of what no one else had discovered. He survives a lot of difficulties from Nazis to snakes, always in search of the coveted prize. A number of HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical contractors are also in search of the prize….it could be sales volume, profitability, industry recognition, selling the company for “BIG BUCKS” as an exit strategy, or creating......

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Tiger Woods

Written by Lynn Wise   Tiger Woods won the Masters on a rainy Sunday in April, finishing the greatest career comeback in the history of golf. This article isn’t going to compare golfing to running your business. I am not going to compare golf clubs to pipe wrenches or chipping to service agreements. My aim isn’t to show that hard work and perseverance will pay off. This article is about finding your motivation and using it to help you achieve your goals. Financially and in the record books, Tiger Woods could have quit on top and......

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Why Purpose?

Written by Dave Rothacker  

Why should a leader build their company on the basis of a business WHY? Why should a leader understand the purpose behind why they are in business? Does it really make a difference in productivity and effectiveness?


For a doctor to treat an illness or disease, they must understand the disease’s symptoms. Let’s take a look at some of the major symptoms of a business operating without a WHY/purpose.


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Lifestyle Business or Prosperous Business

Written by Chris Elmore   I have had the great fortune to see hundreds of businesses over my career. These businesses spanned all over North America and the United Kingdom. They have also spanned from small “mom and pop” shops to large multimillion-dollar, multi-location businesses. I’ve seen many things and noticed that there are two business types contractors model their business around.   #1: Lifestyle Business that maintains a certain lifestyle today for the owners but nothing for the future. #2: Prosperous Business that helps everyone in the business achieve their goals and provides for the future.   Looking......

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Golden Faucets Killed the Golden Goose

Written by Danielle Putnam For nine months, our new company had been bringing in $8 to $10,000 each week from one customer. Have you ever had a customer like that? If so, you know you jump when they call. And this owner of a fortune 500 company had my dad on speed dial. Our customer owned several houses in town and my dad did work at most of them, but the big house as we called it was 19,000 square feet of opportunity. The home was 40 years old and had almost no......

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