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Leadership Sustainability

Is leadership success sustainable? Riffing on my Comanche Marketing article titled “Authentic and Caring Leadership”, Steve Mores penned an insightful Comanche Marketing article himself titled “Leadership and Sustainability”. Steve mentions that my article reminded him of authentic and caring leaders who he both worked and works with. So I am going to return the volley and continue the conversation on leadership sustainability.  Steve introduces Currie Gauvreau’s expertise. Instead of motivating coworkers, Currie believes in inspiring them.  I think we should be focused on INSPIRING......

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Ad Writing "Call to Action That Works" - March 29, 2019

What to  bring: Any Direct Mail or Newspaper Ad your company has used in past and results if possible

  • General Rules of Home Service Marketing
  • Having a Clear Message
  • A Proven Messages
  • Defining Your Direct Mail Your Philosophy?
    • Your ad Writing Philosophy
    • How Cards Work vs Letter
    • Who is your best Direct Mail Customer?
  • The Head Line
    • Hot Buttons
    • Raising Curiosity
    • Developing the Message
  • Letter ContentCall to Action
    • What are you offering?
    • Creating Interest in the caption
    • Using Humor
  • Contact Information
  • Post Script Reminders
For additional attendees or more information about this class please......

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Opportunity Management- Internal Marketing - March 27-28, 2019

Who Should Attend: Owners, Office Mgr., CSR Mgr., Marketing Mgr. What to  bring: Current Office Org chart and Marketing/Office Managers job descriptions
  • Creating Opportunity
    • The Three Legs of Marketing
    • Farming Service Calls
    • Friends and Family Programs
    • Community Involvement
    • Other Trades Cross Marketing
  • Winning at the Dispatch Game
    • Rating your Tech
    • The Right Tech on the Right Call
    • Tech Development, Career Path
    • Dispatching for Profits
  •  Social Media Marketing
    • Building a following using videos.  (Facebook, You Tube, Instagram, Linkedin)
    • Company Face Book Marketing and Boosting
    • Using a Company Face Book Closed Group Account as a culture &......

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Branding/Selling Private Labeling: Market Dominance - February 14-15, 2019

Who Should attend: Owners, GM's, Office Manager, and Marketing Manager.
  • Introduction, The Three Legs of Marketing
    • Success Strategies
    • Separating Your Company from The Pack
  • T.O.M.A. Top of the Mind Awareness
    • Working on the big picture, Many Layers of Branding
    • What's included in branding?
    • What types of marketing works for T.O.M.A.
  • Time Frame of the Branding Cycle
    • How long should a branding cycle take
    • Short Term Themes vs. Culture Branding
    • Is Pixie Dust Branding?
  • Budgeting for the long run
    • How much? is too much? Branding vs. Call to Action
    • Percentages of your Budget
    • ......

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