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Do You Really Need Inventory? Consider All Three Pieces of the Big Picture

By Lynn Wise A lot of home service businesses have told me lately that they think they need inventory and an inventory management system. However, that could be the start of a big mistake: assuming your business needs to stock parts and supplies itself, by failing to look at the big picture. So let’s back up. The first question service business owners really need to ask is, “Should I even carry inventory?” Remember, that there are two types of inventory: the inventory technicians carry in their trucks, and the inventory a business carries in......

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The Authentic Humility Mindset

By Steve Mores This can be a deep subject, yet I’d like to apply it to our everyday maintenance and service calls as it relates to sales. To be humble means that you recognize and accept your limitations based on realistic and accurate thoughts about your importance and significance in what you do and what you stand for. The humble person recognizes that although he may have an opinion and strong convictions, he still can empathize or sympathize with others and see things from their point of view. He also understands that......

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Appreciate Different Styles - They Could Just Make Your Company Better

By Vicki LaPlant The personality style of the majority of contractors in HVACR closely matches that of medical surgeons. I don’t have any scientific research that validates this belief. However, I have had 30 plus years of observing contractors and, for one reason or another, have interacted with a number of medical surgeons. Each medical surgeon is a specialist. When my husband was sent to the orthopedist several years ago, it wasn’t just one orthopedist. No, he had to go to one who only did surgery on backs and a different one who......

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The Power of Your Employees: The Secret to Great Reviews and A Great Company

By Mike Montano By now, you already know your online reputation is one of your most valuable marketing assets. And you know if you don’t have great reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, and BBB, you’re basically giving away potential customers to your competitors who do have great reviews. But I have a secret to tell you: The most important ingredient to having a stellar online reputation comes from your people. They are the ones on the front lines connecting with customers, handling issues, generating sales, and creating long-term loyalty to your......

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Am I A Bad Parent?

By Danielle Putnam A friend of mine is about to open her first restaurant. Well, not really. She’s a long way from being ready to open the doors. But the framing for the kitchen and bar area has been set. Now, for all of you entrepreneurs out there, I’m sure you can agree with me…that’s progress, right? So earlier this week, before the sheetrock was mounted, she texted a group of friends and asked us to come write words of blessings on the frame boards. Naturally, on a Monday night after a long......

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Maximizing the Market Value of Every Job

By Chris Lonergan How many jobs have you completed this week...this month...this year? How proud of that work are you? How did you capture the marketing value your work? Making The Most (Marketing) Out Of Each Job Many contractors and home service providers fail to utilize the marketing value of their daily work and customer base. You’ve spent the effort to find a lead, nurture it into a sale, completely satisfy that customer, and you create a finished product that you were proud of. Why wouldn’t you maximize that investment of your time, money, and resources? To be......

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A Powerful Marketing Source

By Dave Rothacker “After my techs came out of that airflow class, their confidence level skyrocketed!” Chris Hunter made this statement to me in a recent discussion we had on technical training. He went onto say, “Technical competence is one key element in successful service call training. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like there’s been more emphasis lately on the sales and customer service part of the call. A tech who is confident in her customer service, communications, AND technical competence becomes a powerful marketing source!” Did The Light Bulb Come On? As an......

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Why Not A Woman?

By Vicki LaPlant Having been in this industry for over 30 years, I have seen many amazing changes. There have been technological improvements in equipment – furnaces and air conditioners that will tell a technician the last 20 faults that occurred. Technological improvements have enhanced interactions with the customers – instant billing of customers from a hand-held tablet, programs that allow a customer to schedule a service call on-line. Improvements in business processes – recognition of the value of maintenance agreements for the customer and the business, the importance of maximizing the......

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Are You Three Feet From Gold?

By Rodney Koop During the gold rush, cirque 1848 when 300,000 men and women ventured across North America, when heading west to become rich in the California Gold Rush, do you think that the gold in them there hills had just appeared over night? Absolutely not. It had been there for thousands of years, waiting to be found. It wasn’t a question of if the gold existed long before it was unearthed, it was a question of who was going to find it. At some point, someone was three feet from gold......

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Nine Guaranteed Takeaways From Service World Expo

By Matt Michel Are you vacillating about Service World? Do you wonder if it’s worth it? Do you think you cannot afford the cost or time away from the shop? Here are nine takeaways you will benefit from if you attend Service World.

  1. You will learn something unexpected that will change your business or your life.
Whenever I attend a conference, seminar, or trade show, I find myself, my business, or both changed. It used to surprise me. At the end of the event, I would find myself pondering the unexpected something I......

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