The Professional Salesperson is a Time Traveler

The Professional Salesperson is a Time Traveler

It’s amazing, really, how quickly people can forget.

It’s 71° right now. The sun is shining brightly through the large windows in my office. It’s an absolutely beautiful day!

Two weeks ago, it was 3° outside. There was no power in my house and no running water. My neighbors were worried about keeping their children warm. Others were just trying to figure out how to get the water out of their house.

A few days from now, people will be shocked to find that their electricity bill has soared to thousands of dollars.

But right now, it’s beautiful, and no one’s thinking about the catastrophe that just hit the state of Texas.

Yes, it is amazing how quickly we can forget what happened.

It is the short memory of the human that causes so many problems for the salesperson.

A poorly trained salesperson wants the homeowner to remember the pain of the current events. They hope the homeowner will come to their senses about the aging furnace. They hope the homeowner will realize the importance of having a backup generator for their home. They hope the homeowners will see the power in automatic shutoff valves.

Yet, the poorly trained salesperson can’t overcome the fact that right now, it’s beautiful outside. It’s 71°, and the sun is shining.

You see, the poorly trained salesperson only lives in the moment. They can only make a sale when the circumstance creates the sale. Their success depends on the variables of life. This is why they will never be a consistent producer.

The well-trained salesperson is a creature that has the power of time travel. They have the ability to bring the homeowner into the past and the future. They can bring alive the pain of the past and show them the pain of the future.

This is why the well-trained salesperson creates their own success.


Todd Liles is the Founder of Service Excellence Training and creator of the PRESS PLAY Training System.

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