Three Question Techniques That Will Boost Your Closing Percentage

Three Question Techniques That Will Boost Your Closing Percentage

You can organically boost your sales conversions with the right questions to the homeowner. Who doesn’t want to boost their closing percentage? A closed replacement lead is going to lower your marketing costs and boost your profits. Generating high convertingETHICAL sales is the specialty of Service Excellence Training. 

In our article today, we are going to show you how using the right questions can boost your replacement closing percentages. You will learn the three types of question skills that work to bring the best results from sales and lead opportunities in HVAC, plumbing, and electrical contracting companies:

Discovery Questions

When initially working to uncover a client’s direct needs, an HVAC technician, CSR, or manager should utilize discovery questions. 

Discovery questions should be heavily open-ended such as; 

“What kind of problems are you experiencing?”  

“Can you please give me more details?”

These open-ended questions can be clarified with shorter closed-ended questions such as; 

“How old is the system?” 

“Is the fan running now?”

Using the combination of these types of discovery questions can work to make the initial client-company interaction effective and efficient. These questions also provide the information needed to dispatch the correct team member to the client.

Guiding Questions

Along with discovery questions, guiding questions also work to clarify issues and concerns the client may have. These concerns or issues “guide” the technician, CSR, or sales professional in the right direction. If the client has an early objection, the guiding question can expose it, and the professional can address it before it is a major issue.

Guiding questions are the glue that works to hold the sales and leads process together. They are utilized by company team members to seamlessly guide the sales call along to the next stage as well as help to inform clients.

For example, a technician that has just explained the diagnostic process he is about to perform may ask a prospective client;

“Do you have any questions before I begin the diagnostic?” 

Another example is the use of this question from a sales professional

“John, are you familiar with airflow and how it affects the systems operations?” 

These types of questions work to move the service call along, as well as check-in to see how the client feels up to the current point.

Closing Questions

When both discovery questions and guiding questions have been utilized effectively, then closing questions can work to bring success to the call overall. Closing questions do that work to close a sale.

After a client’s need has been proven and a thorough presentation has been given, then closing questions can be used to “check-in” and “close the sale.” Closing questions must be used carefully. It is best to ensure that they are used when the client has been fully prepped for a close. However, it is vital that a tech clearly asks for the close because most clients will not close the sale themselves.

Some examples of these closing questions are; 

“Which of these two packages do you think will work best for you?”  

“If I can get your request approved, could we schedule the install for Monday?” 

Closing questions should build to the next “yes.” 

Before you close, the client needs to feel comfortable, understand their options, and be prepared to make a decision. Developing strong questioning skills is an area that can help build a successful team. These skills can be easily taught by our team of Coaches at SET. 

In our post today, we explored the three important question types: discovery questions, guiding questions, and closing questions and how they affect closing rates. You are encouraged to share this with your team and practice these skills inhouse. After all, everyone benefits from an ethical increase in sales! Thank you for reading our Comanche Articles. Here at Service Excellence Training, we turn learning into earning!


Todd Liles is the Founder of Service Excellence Training and creator of the PRESS PLAY Training System.

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