Why Money Won’t Solve All Your Problems

Why Money Won't Solve All Your Problems

“Money, money, money, money, money. Some people got to have it, yeah, some people really need it.” – The O’Jays

Money is so very powerful.

As a poor child growing up in Mississippi, I fantasized about money. I looked at my friends that had it and imagined that their life must be perfect. Like many without money, I believed that it would solve all of my problems.

I had thoughts like, “If I were rich, then I could buy my mom a home, and she would be happy.” “My dad and mom could make it work if I had money.” “If I were rich, then I wouldn’t be judged by my friends for my old clothes.”

These are the thoughts of a young person obsessed with the idea that money would fix things. These thoughts turned into action, and I went to work at the tender age of 11. I was determined to make money. And, I did.

By the age of 25, I made a very high six-figure income. Yet, I still had problems. And I still had obsessions about money.

This brings us to the first issue of profitability when you haven’t addressed your heart problems:


The Obsession of Money Produces False Hope

Those that don’t have money put their hope in it. “If I just had some, then all my problems would be solved.” Unfortunately, that’s not true.

If you’ve got problems, and you get money, then you just get more problems!

When you don’t address the heart issues in your life, the pursuit of money becomes corrupted. Instead of money being a tool that you can use and enjoy, you become the tool of money.

Here is a little quiz you can give yourself to check your head when it comes to money:


The Five Questions of Money Obsession

  1. Am I preoccupied with the pursuit of it?
  2. Am I envious of others who have it?
  3. Is my personal value measured by dollars?
  4. Do I believe money alone makes me happy?
  5. Do I continually want more money?

These questions will lead you to the next problem.


The Obsession of Money Produces Hoarding

Hoarding is when you go from being thrifty to stingy. You can tell when a person is hoarding money when they do the following:

  • Stop enjoying the benefits of money
  • Quit building relationships with money
  • Stop giving to things that can’t give back

Hoarding is a terrible by-product of money obsession. It creates extreme unhappiness and loneliness in the hoarder.


The Obsession Produces Short Term Benefits

The money will come and go. The great thing about money is that you can always get more of it. And while getting that big windfall feels great, it will never be as good as the powerful relationships in your life.

Relationships provide long-term benefits and happiness. People obsessed with money are worried about who wants theirs. This fear prevents a deep connection with people. It limits relationships and relationships are what bring a real long-term benefit.


How to Control Money Obsession

The first step in controlling your money obsession is to deal with your heart issues. Money is not the issue; it’s some deep hurt in your past. I recommend talking to a spiritual leader, or a counselor about your pain and get on the path of healing.

The second step in controlling your money obsession is to throw a big party and invite lots of people! Go all out. Buy the best food and drinks. Get a band. Have some fun and build some relationships!

The third step is to give some of that money to charity. If you are obsessed with money, then this step is going to really hurt! 🙂 Though, it will only hurt for a small time. And that pain you’re feeling is the obsession fighting to stay alive. Keep giving until the pain disappears, and it is replaced with the joy of doing good.

When this happens, you will now possess money instead of it possessing you.

Todd Liles is the founder of Service Excellence Training.


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