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Love is in the Air - So Share it With Your Customers

By Chris Lonergan You know you love your customers... If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have developed a brand and marketing efforts to attract those customers. You wouldn’t have spent so much time training yourself and your team to provide customers with the services they need. And you wouldn’t have followed through with the best customer service possible at every job.   So it makes sense that you should show your customers some love. We’re not talking about flowers and chocolates here. We’re talking about demonstrating appreciation to your clients all year long. Whether it is your......

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Maximizing the Market Value of Every Job

By Chris Lonergan How many jobs have you completed this week...this month...this year? How proud of that work are you? How did you capture the marketing value your work? Making The Most (Marketing) Out Of Each Job Many contractors and home service providers fail to utilize the marketing value of their daily work and customer base. You’ve spent the effort to find a lead, nurture it into a sale, completely satisfy that customer, and you create a finished product that you were proud of. Why wouldn’t you maximize that investment of your time, money, and resources? To be......

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