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Ad Writing "Call to Action That Works" - March 29, 2019

What to  bring: Any Direct Mail or Newspaper Ad your company has used in past and results if possible

  • General Rules of Home Service Marketing
  • Having a Clear Message
  • A Proven Messages
  • Defining Your Direct Mail Your Philosophy?
    • Your ad Writing Philosophy
    • How Cards Work vs Letter
    • Who is your best Direct Mail Customer?
  • The Head Line
    • Hot Buttons
    • Raising Curiosity
    • Developing the Message
  • Letter ContentCall to Action
    • What are you offering?
    • Creating Interest in the caption
    • Using Humor
  • Contact Information
  • Post Script Reminders
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Opportunity Management- Internal Marketing - March 27-28, 2019

Who Should Attend: Owners, Office Mgr., CSR Mgr., Marketing Mgr. What to  bring: Current Office Org chart and Marketing/Office Managers job descriptions
  • Creating Opportunity
    • The Three Legs of Marketing
    • Farming Service Calls
    • Friends and Family Programs
    • Community Involvement
    • Other Trades Cross Marketing
  • Winning at the Dispatch Game
    • Rating your Tech
    • The Right Tech on the Right Call
    • Tech Development, Career Path
    • Dispatching for Profits
  •  Social Media Marketing
    • Building a following using videos.  (Facebook, You Tube, Instagram, Linkedin)
    • Company Face Book Marketing and Boosting
    • Using a Company Face Book Closed Group Account as a culture &......

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Branding/Selling Private Labeling: Market Dominance - February 14-15, 2019

Who Should attend: Owners, GM's, Office Manager, and Marketing Manager.
  • Introduction, The Three Legs of Marketing
    • Success Strategies
    • Separating Your Company from The Pack
  • T.O.M.A. Top of the Mind Awareness
    • Working on the big picture, Many Layers of Branding
    • What's included in branding?
    • What types of marketing works for T.O.M.A.
  • Time Frame of the Branding Cycle
    • How long should a branding cycle take
    • Short Term Themes vs. Culture Branding
    • Is Pixie Dust Branding?
  • Budgeting for the long run
    • How much? is too much? Branding vs. Call to Action
    • Percentages of your Budget
    • ......

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