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Appreciate Different Styles - They Could Just Make Your Company Better

By Vicki LaPlant The personality style of the majority of contractors in HVACR closely matches that of medical surgeons. I don’t have any scientific research that validates this belief. However, I have had 30 plus years of observing contractors and, for one reason or another, have interacted with a number of medical surgeons. Each medical surgeon is a specialist. When my husband was sent to the orthopedist several years ago, it wasn’t just one orthopedist. No, he had to go to one who only did surgery on backs and a different one who......

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Why Not A Woman?

By Vicki LaPlant Having been in this industry for over 30 years, I have seen many amazing changes. There have been technological improvements in equipment – furnaces and air conditioners that will tell a technician the last 20 faults that occurred. Technological improvements have enhanced interactions with the customers – instant billing of customers from a hand-held tablet, programs that allow a customer to schedule a service call on-line. Improvements in business processes – recognition of the value of maintenance agreements for the customer and the business, the importance of maximizing the......

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Yes, Your Next Hire Should Be A Woman

By Vicki LaPlant How exciting is it to write an article on why hiring a woman should be a part of your thinking with that next hire? I, like many people (not just women but men as well), stumbled into this industry. Having taught high school English for four years, I didn’t even know an industry such as ours existed. And if I had any conscious recognition of it, my assumption would have been that it was for engineers or people who wanted to work on the air conditioner or heater. (My......

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