Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

Written by Lynn Wise


Tiger Woods won the Masters on a rainy Sunday in April, finishing the greatest career comeback in the history of golf.

This article isn’t going to compare golfing to running your business. I am not going to compare golf clubs to pipe wrenches or chipping to service agreements. My aim isn’t to show that hard work and perseverance will pay off. This article is about finding your motivation and using it to help you achieve your goals.

Financially and in the record books, Tiger Woods could have quit on top and ridden out the remainder of his days appearing in celebrity golf tournaments and corporate retreats. What drives him to keep competing? We all remember the scandal and the backlash years ago. To remain in the public eye, where every failure is magnified, and every success is overlooked must have been brutal. But through it all, we feel like we now know Tiger. We were swept away by his comeback, by his success, because we saw his motivation and we felt like we were part of it. He set a goal when he as a child to chase down Jack Nicklaus, and he is still after his dream.

Most people can list their goals, but can you talk about what motivates you? What gives you the drive to go to work every day? What helps make decisions that lead to reaching your goals? Do you talk about your motivations now with the same enthusiasm as you did one year ago? One month ago? Your goals may not change, but your motivations should. Some of us remember seeing Tiger hug his father when he won the Masters as a rookie pro. Most of us will never forget seeing him hug his son when he won the title this year. His goals never changed, but his motivations have.

After Tiger’s historic win, a reporter asked him the following question: “People have struggles in their lives, personal struggles, physical struggles, and you’ve overcome these things. What message might you say to people who are struggling?”

“Well, you never give up,” he said. “That’s a given. You always fight. Giving up’s never in the equation. That’s just part of the deal. We wake up every morning, and there are always challenges in front of us, and keep fighting and keep getting through.”

Remember the excitement that first drove you. Now find what makes you feel that way again. Your motivations should have a purpose, leading you to your goals, and be both short-term and long-term. Do not limit yourself or become complacent. It is very hard to learn new things when you are comfortable with where you are.

After all the setbacks Tiger Woods has faced, many self-inflicted, he lost sight not only of his goal but of enjoying the journey. So, he re-evaluated what inspired him, faced the challenges in front of him, and kept fighting. And he never gave up.

If your goals don’t motivate you to keep fighting, then you need new goals.


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