UNT's Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science Degree with a focus on Service Operations 


Attention Service Nation Alliance Members! Get a certification and earn credits towards a degree

Introducing the first and only accredited degree/certification program specifically tailored to the residential contracting industry. 

Take advantage of this unique program to recruit new co-workers, train your current staff, create more effective career paths and enhance your own skills with a level of education that’s not available anywhere else. 


Available Courses Fall 2019

Cultivate Your Leadership 

Zain Ali UNT Cohort Faculty 

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what it means to be a leader and review the responsibilities that leadership demands 
  • Explore the values that define you as a leader 
  • Recognize how adherence to your values will allow you to be fulfilled 
  • Define your own mission, vision and annual goals that define success for you 
  • Build better relationships by understanding personality styles 
  • Understand the principles of negotiations to develop win-win situations

Advertising & Media Strategy 

Vivian Unger UNT Advertising Faculty 

Learning Objectives

  • Understand media and marketing terms and concepts 
  • Demonstrate utility of various media strategies & tactics including traditional media, digital media and alternative media channels 
  • Interpret ethical standards in advertising 
  • Learn media math (ratings, shares, CPP, net/gross rates and projections) 
  • Demonstrate media cost efficiencies


Portfolio Service Nation and the Professional Development Institute at the University of North Texas have partnered to develop a service trades certification portfolio to help business owners recruit, retain and grow leaders on their team. 

Young people will no longer have to choose between pursuing a degree or entering the service trades, while experienced workers who’ve completed some college coursework will join your team knowing they can finish their degree on the job. 

Current coworkers can earn a Certification in a particular discipline, or take just the classes they need to move ahead in your company.  

This portfolio includes certifications in Leadership, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, and Operations. Certifications are earned upon completing all the classes in each domain. Each class is tailored to the unique requirements of service contractors. Participants who successfully complete a Certification will receive official recognition from the Professional Development Institute at the University of North Texas (UNT). 

The American Council on Education® has evaluated and recommended for college credit PDI’s Service Nation courses which are fully-transferable toward a degree at UNT (or other colleges and universities).  

Classes Coming Soon: 

MARKETING & SALES Consultative Selling | Zain Ali, UNT Cohort Faculty Social Media Strategy | Stephanie Knight, UNT Advertising Faculty Negotiating to Yes | Zain Ali, UNT Cohort Faculty 

LEADERSHIP Interpersonal Communications | Joseph McGlynn, UNT Communications Faculty Strategy and Valuation | Jonathon Fite, UNT Ops Mgmt Faculty Theories of Persuasion | Joseph McGlynn, UNT Communications Faculty  

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