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With access to the group’s peer and mentor leadership, you can get instant answers to questions you have about the problems in your business. You will be placed into a weekly accountability group tailored to meet your specific needs and given access to our proprietary success planning tools so that you can generate more revenue fast.

A Team of Designers and Marketing Experts  

Service Nation Alliance provides you with your own marketing department to build custom marketing content including print, digital, and social media to prmote your company. 

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Get real cash back on items you buy everyday. Our average annual rebate for our Service Nation Alliance members is $15,000. Some members make up to $150,000 in rebates per year.

Member Testimonials

"I have benefited in so many ways from being a member of the Alliance, but the biggest benefit I have seen is the accountability and leadership from other seasoned company leaders in our mentor group."  

Chris Hunter HUNTER HEAT & AIR  

We love being members of Service Nation Alliance! The benefits of belonging to the Service Nation Alliance are endless... training, business boot camps, advisory boards, huge rebates, marketing content, fabulous events, and best of all... a community of amazing people who want to help you succeed!"  


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